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Itch Scratch Scar

Itch Scratch Scar Kiki Seror Cody Trepte Finishing School

FOCA’s next show is a group one called Itch Scratch Scar that will share current capturings of contemporary narratives. It will feature familiar faces like Cody Trepte and Kiki Seror: catch it from September 20 through November 21.

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Rough Dark Diamond

Rough Dark Diamond Mark Handforth Kayne Griffin Corcoran

Kayne Griffin Corcoran’s next show is Rough Dark Diamond featuring the work of Mark Handforth. It runs September 20 through January 3: you have plenty of time to see it!

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Skid Row Documentary

Skid Row Documentary Los Angeles

There is a documentary on Skid Row coming out soon that looks super raw and real. It will be hitting both the LA and Tribeca film festivals next year and you can catch a preview of it below.


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Hollywood Oinkster Happenings

The Oinkster Low End Theory El Segundo brewing Company Hollywood

Want to have a foodie and drinkie and music-y event this weekend? August 30 at The Oinkster in Hollywood is a spectacular event you need to check out that will see the hamburger restaurant teaming up with Low End Theory and El Segundo Brewing Company.

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First Day Off In A Long Time

First Day Off In A Long Time Brian Finkelstein

Local funny man Brian Finkelstein is raising money via Kickstarter for his new one man show. It’s called First Day Off In A Long Time—and you have through September 19 to chip in.

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Hands Across The Water

Hands Across The Water Baik Art Los Angeles Korea

Baik Art on La Cienega is welcoming a group show that is a part of their post Korea residency. It’s called Hands Across The Water and will be up September 13 through October 4 with an extra showing from October 11 through October 31.

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Peaking Lights Breakthrough Los Angeles

If you still have the idea of an all too gentle and ethereal sound for the band Peaking Lights, you should maybe drop it. The days of lightweight Lucifer from two years ago, when the band was relatively new to the area, are gone. How? Their new song “Breakdown” is an aggressively fun assertion into the dance category. It’s sunny and bright and a song that everyone is going to love in late Summer.

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Lindsay Preston Zappas Los Angeles 1

When I think of Los Angeles artists, I think of fun. We don’t often think about this but, in taking a step back, we all like having fun. Our environment is so upbeat and we can go to our own “la la” land type of place: LA is about having fun—and artists agree, reflecting this positivity into their work. I’m not sure if this is true but I definitely see it in all of Lindsay Preston Zappas‘ creations. She creates colorful photographic and drawings and sculpture that capture a beautiful collage of life that certainly feels unique to our part of the world.

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