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Therm. G

Therm. G Napolian Dro Carey

Local rad electronic musician Napolian has a new video out for the song “Therm. G.” It features Dro Carey, who also directed the video. Catch it below!


Light & Noir

Skirball Light And Noir

Skirball is welcoming a film show called Light & Noir about the Jewish history of Hollywood. Catch it from October 23 through March 1.

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Mediated City

Meditated City Los Angeles Woodbury University

Woodbury University is hosting an architecture conference called Mediated City about the city. It’s going on from October 1 through October 4.

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Lily King At Matters Of Space

Matters Of Space Lily King

Photographer Lily King is the subject of the next Matters Of Space show in Highland Park. It’s running from September 13 through November 7. There’s a reception on the opening date in addition to October 11.

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Kehinde Wiley at Roberts & Tilton


Haiti is the focus of Kehinde Wiley’s vivid portraits of global cultures in his upcoming solo exhibition “The World Stage: Haiti.” Opening this Saturday night at Roberts & Tilton, his newest series of paintings celebrate “Haiti’s rich and varied religious traditions, as well as its traditional crafts and decorative arts,” from its historical French and Spanish colonization to current beauty pageant culture.

Image: The Sisters Zendaide and Charlotte Bonaparte (The World Stage: Haiti), 2014 by Kehinde Wiley. Courtesy of Roberts & Tilton.

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Shield and Spear Screening at the Hammer Museum


On September 16, “Shield and Spear” will make its west coast premiere at the Hammer Museum. The documentary film highlights creativity, freedom and democracy in South Africa through the eyes of its most notable artists and their experiences. The screening will include a Q&A with director Petter Ringbom and producer Alysa Nahmias along with the U.S. debut of Johannesburg performance group The Brother Moves On.

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100 Not So Famous Views Of L.A. Barbara Thomason 2

Locals know that Los Angeles is so much more than the Hollywood sign or the Downtown skyline. There are many other views of LA, most of which only we know about and only we cherish. This idea is the subject of a new little series of works that have been compiled into a book: it’s called 100 Not So Famous Views Of L.A. by Barbara Thomason and it is a run through some of our most beloved places.

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The Series Live Arts Exchange LAX Nicole Disson 2

If you were to think of the perfect Los Angeles art experience, what would it be? You might jump to a gallery show or even think that a film would encompass what the city is. But is that really it? You would think since the city is so big and full of so many different ecosystems that the most representative LA art experience would in fact be a mashing of every artistic discipline possible.

That’s what THE SERIES attempts to do. The performance based events are curated by local performer Nicole Disson who brings in a mixture of music and dance and spoken word and more into one space, for one night. It is an incredible local happening and, to kick off the sprawling dance and performance festival LAX, THE SERIES is kicking things off tonight. To get an idea of what to expect and how this collaborative art experience came to be, we had a chat with Nicole about THE SERIES.

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At this point, Gary Baseman has probably marked everything off of the bucket list for his career. He has won several Emmys and had a huge, traveling (brilliant) major museum show and even successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign: dude has done it all. The latest addition to this lengthy list of creative triumphs is a luxury fashion collaboration, one on par with Kenny Scharf for Jeremy Scott and Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton: Coach enlisted Baseman to provide complimentary monsters for their Spring Ready-To-Wear collection. This sounds like it could be a troubling pairing, yes—but the collaboration is absolutely spectacular.

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Owen Pallett El Rey Los Angeles

Have you seen the movie Her? It’s a undoubtedly a new LA classic film, one that shows off the city as this wondrous and somewhat utopian city. It’s well made and looks good and also sounds good too. A big part of it “sounding” good is new classicist and avant pop musician Owen Pallett‘s contributions. The Canadian composer is very talented and highly regarded and is actually coming to town next week, to play a show on September 13 at the El Rey. Are you a fan of his or curious to see what he’s all about? You’re in luck: we have a pair of tickets to the show to giveaway, courtesy of our friends over at Goldenvoice.

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